Benny (ប៊េននី) - News super actress of cambodia

Benny (ប៊េននី) is new star just into entertenment of cambodia. Now she is famouse with her sexy body and slim with white skin.

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Kong Vongyaty (គង់ វង្ស​យ៉ាទី) - CTN TV Master Ceremony

Kong Vongyaty (គង់ វង្ស​យ៉ាទី) is a actress, she start actor since 17 years old and now is pop star in many Karaoke movies. Now she is a MC (Master Ceremony) of CTN TV for "Reartry Comsan" Program.

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VJ JiJi or VJ GiGi or Pich Solida - Top Cambodia MC

CTN Cambodia's TV personality Pich Solida, called VJ JiJi or VJ GiGi, is gaining reputation. She is a young sister of Pich Sereyroth who is also TV personality of Bayon TV.
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Prim Lyza (ព្រីម លីហ្សា) - Top Singer, Model and Actress

Prim Lyza (ព្រីម លីហ្សា) not final of her photo, She always show new her pictures with new style. She still care her top position of Sexy Cambodian girl with her nice face drain and white skin.

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Bun Phailin (​ប៊ុន ផៃ​លីន) - Very sexy singer (Videos)

Singer Bun Phailin (​ប៊ុន ផៃ​លីន), who recently broke up with a married high-ranking officer, said that she intends to bare more skin on-screen in an attempt to punish him.

The 25-year-old garment worker-turned-singer revealed that she once promised her ex that she would give up dressing provocatively. But now she has finished with him she wants to flaunt her flesh.

“I show off the sexy side of me not because I want to win the title ‘The Most Sexy Star’ in Cambodia. Actually, I want to hurt my ex who caused so much pain to me. He did not want me to dress sexy, so I will do anything just to be the sexiest woman.” But the singer claimed that love is far from her thoughts now.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship again after experiencing a heart-breaking moment. It hurt a lot. I don’t want to think about love now.”

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Sim Solika (ស៊ឹម សូ​លីកា) - Top Cambodian MC at Bayon TV

Sim Solika (ស៊ឹម សូ​លីកា), she is the Khmer Star and super MC at Bayon TV. Nowadays we see her as MC Star at TV Bayon Station as many program and other more like "Don Trey Skrok Sre" Program. She had many movies in some production too.

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Khev Dalich - Rock star and Super Cambodian Singer girl

Khev Dalich is super star that singer of Rock Production and then she go to bigman Production.

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Miss Universe 2012 is Olivia Culpo from Miss USA

Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2012
was crowned Miss Universe 2012 on December 19, 2012 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The 20-year-old Boston University sophomore brought the Miss Universe crown back to the United States after more than a decade since Brook Lee won the title in 1997.

Miss Universe 2012 final results:
- Winner: Miss USA Olivia Culpo
– The first runner-up: Miss Universe Philippines Janine Tugonon
– The second runner-up: Miss Universe Venezuela Irene Esser
– The third runner-up: Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris
– The fourth runner-up: Miss Universe Brazil Gabriela Markus

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Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary – Evening Gown Competition

The 89 contestants of Miss Universe 2012 competed in evening gowns of their choice during the Evening Gown Competition of the Miss Universe 2012 Presentation Show on Thursday, December 13th at PH Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Miss Universe 2012 - Lingerie Portraits

Check out 89 contestants of Miss Universe 2012 in Lingerie
These photos were taken by Fadil Berisha. Every time fashion photographer Fadil Berisha eyes them through his lens, he manages to capture a look, an appeal and an allure that leads to controversy. 
All 89 of the contestants in their provocative poses for this year’s pageant – with beauties from Australia to Vietnam and every country in between. They are provocative enough to turn up the heat and prompt intense conversations.
Each contestant had the opportunity to decline the bedroom lingerie and select more modest attire, they look as Victoria’s Secret supermodels.

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Miss Earth 2012 - swimsuit presentation

Contestants of Miss Earth 2012 presented bikini during the press presentation at the Best Western Premiere F1 Hotel in Taguig City on Tuesday. Check out each participant in her swimsuit. The finale night was held on November 24.

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